Superflat artsts



Chiho Aoshima was born in 1974 in Tokyo. She uses a giant printer to create large-scale digital

works featuring a unique world of big-eyed girls, hybridized nature, and candy-colored environments.

Aoshima is part of the “superflat” movement, a term coined by artist Takahashi Murakami to describe the simplified and emphatically two-dimensional forms that have become the staple of a hip new visual language employed by a generation of young Japanese artists. Aoshima’s identifiable style combines state-of-the-art computer-animated illustration, Japanese manga (comics) and anime (animation), and the formal conventions of premodern Japanese prints. This slick mastery of technology camouflages and seemingly G-rates tantalizing subject matter: nude nymphets, bare bottoms, and seductive couplings. Along with her astonishing, highly fabricated palette, it is a successful means by which to trick the viewer into looking.


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