Treelets book

When worlds collide : a wonderful approach

Jill Bliss and Shinpei Tanaka have never met nor do they share a common spoken language. One lives in San Francisco while the other lives in Tokyo. but they have a mutual appreciation for nature and trees, grown from raindrops, seeds, and illustrated email attachments. with treelets, the two author/illustrators have crafted a new idiom: a 32-page graphic novel that can be read left to right or right to left, depending on mood, cultural background or wind direction. Though wildly colored, dissected, exploded and expanding, the drawings in Treelets are also precise, accurate homages to an examined world; the illustrators pull out and focus on the surreal spirit inside the plants, pollen, and root systems which surround us. On opposite ends of the book, each creator begins their story within a distinct illustrated universe, but much like the collaborative effort behind the book, the two worlds collide in the middle, where the trees in this future-plant-world speak to each other, comment on each other and move into each others’ worlds, interpollinating and affecting the other. Treelets envisions a new kind of science; the nature catalog as love story, a conversation between two artists, between plants, and between worlds.

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