misery.jpgMisery Boutique, opened in Auckland, NZ. Featuring guerilla-style street art Misery has painted, stickered and exhibited her way around global art hotspots, breaking hardened hearts with her melancholic misfits. Her naughty characters still run riot actoss the city walls that spawned them.

6 thoughts on “Misery

  1. I Absolutly Possitivly Love Mistery Boutique To Bits! I Have All The Mistery Pictures I Could Find On My Bebo Profile xD

    Keep The Pictures Coming! Oh Yeah I Also Own A Whole Heap Of Mistery Clothes To And I Am A Regular Customer At The Boutique!

    xXx Lotz Of Love


    Lol My Real Name Is Misery… xXx

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  3. Hi, my name’s Isa, nd i´m from spain. I saw a documental in the t.v by misery, nd i love her art!!! i want to talk with she, do u hav mail?


  4. i’ve never heard of this art but i saw one of your pics and they are so koollllll.i love your art i live in Australia and i so want to get all your pics can i have your email? if you hav one
    Best art eVA

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