Sternform household

sternform.jpgSternform designers Andrea Grossfuss and Olaf Kiessling (Pling-Collection, Germany) featuring
(*) Stapelregal shelving system, where the files themselves are used as the vertical structure. A simple product to build with no connecting parts, everything simply stacks together.

(*) ZipZip upholstered cushions, which can be connected with zips on all four sides. Countless possibilities to build nearly every situation of sitting or laying down comfortably are the result. The width of a sofa just depends on how many polsters are connected horizontally. Armchairs, couches, a carpet or a bed come into being within the twinkle of an eye.

(*) A toaster made of glass, that neither hides the bread, nor its preparation. He stages the bread and the way it gets toasted, which is accompanied by warm light and a tempting aroma.


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