Catalina Estrada

catalina-estrada.jpgBrother and sister team Nico and Catalina Estrada. Catalina is an illustrator with a dreamy edge. Her work is soft, detailed and delicate. Catalina’s illustrations have graced magazine covers worldwide, so the leap into jewellery with the help of brother Nico was an obvious progression that has paid off. The delicate range is called Katika, named after Catalina’s most reoccurring character. With a very feminine, almost childlike innocence to their design, the jewellery is a perfect commercial vehicle for this amazingly talented illustrators work.

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6 thoughts on “Catalina Estrada

  1. i was jus thinking why i dont like this kinda artwork but still waste lota times on ’em (aka watching cartoons!) if i were a girl i’d probably have one of those funny things round me neck

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