Denyse Schmidt Quilts

denyse-schmidt-quilt.jpgDenyse Schmidt has been designing and making quilts since 1996, when she established Denyse Schmidt Quilts generating international attention for her modern spin on classic quilts. Her studio in Bridgeport, Connecticut, produces three quilt collections, available from retailers nationwide. Known for her fresh and off-beat approach to quilt design, Denyse now brings her appealing modern twist to her first fabric collection ‘Flea Market Fancy’ for FreeSpirit. The patterns in this collection are inspired by the vintage charm of some of her favourite flea market finds.


2 thoughts on “Denyse Schmidt Quilts

  1. i love “flea market fancy”, jajaja is like a brand i want a name like that for my bags brand a been think in “studiorama” like my blogs name but i don’t know, any way the prints are so cool, and in other things how are you do the collages for your posts, always are perfect i hate put the big photos, in my blog.

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