FlowerbyKenzo.jpgFlower by Kenzo encounters the imaginations of three artists: redecorated packages, within each one, the bottle is tucked inside a small canvas. Whilst browsing my magazines over the holiday, I was delighted to discover that one of the artists chosen by Kenzo was Rebecca Dautremer (a favourite of mine aready mentioned here) had transformed the lovely red poppies into fairies. Its beautiful red petals change into a sumptuous crimson dress, its fragile pistils turn into fine wisps of hair blowing in the wind and its verdant heart becomes a small smiling face.


10 thoughts on “FlowerbyKenzo

  1. The poster is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could create something like that!

    On perfumes – you actually pay more for the design (A&P – advertising & publicity, marketing, bottle design, marketing material design, etc) than the perfume itself! ;D

  2. sharlet: that's very interesting information!
    tongue in cheek: I don't know what it smells like so I can't say…
    rosemary: yes I think product design must be fun but difficult to make something stand out from the crowd?
    Hellboy: Romantic is good
    Mar: thank you for your kind comment.
    erandi: I have been tagged by lots of people, I am still catching up on the reading :P

  3. can anyone tell me where to find this poster online. the artist is one of my girlfriends favourite and i’d like to present her the poster as a gift. many thanks in advance…

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