The Eden Project

So where did I go this weekend? The Eden Project

eden-biomes.jpgcommunicates its story in a ‘Living Theatre of Plants and People’ based in a large crater in which nestle two vast greenhouses (Biomes). These house plants, crops and landscapes from the humid tropics and warm temperate regions. Eden uses exhibitions, art, storytelling, workshops, lectures and events to put messages across to both the public and formal education groups holding a mirror to our values and civilisation and encouraging respect for the things that sustain us. The place is amazing, I have no space to post the lovely pictures here so check out Flickr


8 thoughts on “The Eden Project

  1. i dunno why i felt they are big snowballs?! maybe cos of snowphobia i have. btw gotta thank all those great engineers, seems yo had a great time there!

  2. Wow that looks amazing!

    It reminds me of this bad comedy from back in the days, don’t remember the name, but there were some crazy dudes who got locked into the dome and allmost ruined nature.
    Maybe they even filmed it at the eden project? Looks similar.

  3. maditi: I would have loved to see the documentary! thanks for your comment about my photos, if it wasn’t for the 5 hour drive to get there, I would go there every season :)

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