Ettington Park

Ettingon-Park.jpgEttington Park has been in the Shirley family since before the Norman Conquest. Its imposing facade and arched windows still look out onto the 12th century church built on the same site as the Saxon church mentioned along with their ancestors in the Doomsday Book.

Set in 40 acres of Warwickshire countryside where it nestles in a verdant valley with the River Stour meandering through it, this spectacular neo-Gothic mansion is still a world apart from the hustle and bustle of modern-day life.


6 thoughts on “Ettington Park

  1. hi cruststation, we stayed at ettington park for our annual conference back in january. it was gorgeous there, especially the drawing room. huge bay windows overlooking the park.
    the bad news was that the design team boys told us girls it was haunted and there were all sorts of creaky noises at night..there was one room (no.50 i think) that no one would ever stay in a it was too scary.
    as for the 12th century church, one night we had a formal dinner and about 11 o’clock we got the keys from reception and a 3 of us went over the chapel and the atmospheric ruined tower (in our ballgowns and djs) expecting to be spooked. but in fact it was beautiful in there – not scary at all.
    i would recommend this hotel to anyone – it would be lovely for a wedding.

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