Erica Tanov

erica-tanov.jpgSexy and girly without any traces of vulgarity, the clothing of Erica Tanov (San Francisco) bear a hint of delicate boho chic. The shirts, dresses, tunics and skirts are made of thin fabrics from Paris with delicate prints. The store that houses it all looks like it was transported from the French countryside. I also love the photography by Debra McClinton


2 thoughts on “Erica Tanov

  1. The boho chic look was really really popular in Singapore the most of last year, and on the streets you can see all the girls in these breezy tunics, or flowing long skirts and beady accessories, and its really pretty! It has sadly,made way for the “garbage-chic” this time of the year with oversized tops and leggings, thanks to tabloid stars like ashley olsen and lindsay lohan.

  2. Erica also has a small shop down the street from Castle in the Air in Berkeley. I LOVE her clothing, especially the fabrics she uses, but they are out of my budget range. She really is almost couture!

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