Julie Blackmon

julie-blackmon.jpgDomestic Vacations:The Dutch proverb “a Jan Steen household” originated in the 17th century and is used today to refer to a home in disarray, full of rowdy children and boisterous family gatherings. Julie Blackmon (born 7/3/66)


6 thoughts on “Julie Blackmon

  1. Let this Dutchy say: “Een huishouden van Jan Steen”. Jan Steen was a Dutch painter. He had a wide range of topics and styles, but is most famous for his daily life paintings, which indeed show lively and chaotic family gatherings.
    The Dissolute Household is the famous painting of which the proverb comes from.

    And oh, how i love the pictures of Julie Blackmon! Great!

  2. Wow, that is some cool photography!! The atmosphere is surreal and kind of creepy. Like a weird dream or memory – I love her work! Thanks for the introduction – truly inspiring!

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