Pull and Bear

pull-and-bear.jpgSince its creation in 1991, Pull and Bear (Spain) has been known to adapt to the needs of young people, and is now a clear point of reference for casual, laid-back clothing. The display fixtures are combined with recycled elements from the past, to create the kind of surroundings young customers would love to live in.

6 thoughts on “Pull and Bear

  1. Dear Cruststation,
    Your comments on my blog are ever so wise and beautiful, I appreciate your deeply sensitive spirit. Have you ever consider doing a personal journal blog ? The blog you create here is an example of your generous spirit, you collect and share places and things that most of us do not know of, you give way to connect people and ideas…Though your personal spirit in words would be beautiful to read as a journal blog of your thoughts. Does this make sense? I know you have many gifts to share and I am honored to witness this about you.

  2. does anyone know how to see the Pull and Bear spring/summer 06 collection? also, does anyone know the names of the models in that collection?

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