Loco Roco

locoroco-game1.jpgIf you haven’t considered getting a PSP before, this will persuade you to get one. This game is too cute to miss! Loco Roco (Eng | Jap). Combining platforming, bagatelle and an eccentricity comparable to that of the Katamari Damacy games (colourful, musical and odd). By tilting a variety of 2D worlds, you guide a wee blob of cuteness around, collecting buds and swelling the ranks of said blobs, which can either unite or divide to get through routes.

6 thoughts on “Loco Roco

  1. So cute! I’ve been working in video games for quite awhile now, and this would be the dream project! So colourful and fun – unlike all the shiny sports titles I’ve been working on of late. I’d almost consider moving to japan to get the job..almost ;-)

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