Kelly Tunstall

kelly-tunstall.jpgKelly Tunstall is an artist and illustrator living in San Francisco, CA. She was born in 1979, and received her BA from California College of Arts and Crafts, San Francisco.

Her subject matter consists almost entirely of female characters, with small animals and smart wardrobes playing supporting roles. You can see her permanent commissions at the Hotel des Arts.


4 thoughts on “Kelly Tunstall

  1. These are some beautiful illustrations. So much texture and style – I love that the artist captures so much femeninity in these characters. The exagerrated features are what captivates me. I’m also inspired by her murals in the hotel rooms. Very cool!

  2. There’s something very graceful,yet chic about the characters.i love that its somehow cartoonish,but still manages to portray femininity very well.:)

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