manoush.jpgManoush (Paris) goes back to the gypsy spirit, ignoring the conventions of good taste. It’s as if a tribe of gypsies had opened their trunks to reveal treasures, an abundant mixture of items in a vintage style and with slightly flashy details. The major characteristic in the Manoush fashion is the desire to enjoy oneself. One mixes, one pleases oneself, one flirts with what is kitsch and flashy. The Manoush girl has retained the curiosity one finds in little girls who rummage in the adults wardrobe.

She has always been experimenting the bohemian style, in her own artistic way of mixing it up. She would never leave home without a basket on her arm, filled with pink notebooks, little girls treasures, and good luck charms. She has a true taste for vintage and loves to dig into deepest bins of the thrift shop. Since she was a little girl she always loved the “home made” look! Anything artisan or customized, she herself never ceased to poetically personalize her possessions. Her personal style is also a style of life.

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