Stitch & Creative Craft Show

stitch-creative-show.jpgFrom an early age I was interested in arts & crafts and seeing people turning materials into artwork was like magic. Unfortunately I am not a talented crafter being a little clumsy and impatient. Today, I went to a Stitch & Creative Craft Show. I have always wanted to go to one but this was the first time I visited and didn’t know what to expect. I was overwhelmed by the huge amount of craft products and materials available, so many cool gadgets and amazing crafts. I decided to attend a workshop for Ribbon Embroidery but I can’t show the end results here as it is a little embarrassing but I’ll probably practice in my own time as it was good fun.


5 thoughts on “Stitch & Creative Craft Show

  1. ribbon art! The antique pieces I am attracted to, finding them inspiring, though hard to find-my favorite ribbon art includes picture frames. I imagine creating one takes patience and skill that I lack!! Was it hard? Oh please show us your efforts!!

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