Shiori Kawamoto

siori-mawamoto1.jpgJapanese illustrator series
Shiori Kawamoto born in January 1978. Living at Sakai City. Graduated from Art & Design department at Kyoto Seika University. Currently studying at Kyoto International Academy Palette Club Illustration Course. She draws girls with round faces, fictional world, wolves and animals using sensitive line and color similar to the ultra-cute style of Hollie Hobby.


6 thoughts on “Shiori Kawamoto

  1. Ok, I am completely, officially addicted to your blog. I absolutely love these illustrations. Her work is amazing! Love it love it. The line quality of her work is what makes it so intriguing – I am inspired once again. Thank you Babelfish!

  2. i am absolutely in love. she captures something that resides within my soul that has been awakened. do you know where i could get quality prints of her work, to buy and hang from my walls to bring my place beauty or possibly in a book or two. please let me know, i would indebited to you.
    thanks for recognizing such genius!

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