Posh Life

posh-life-barbie06.jpgAlthough Barbies may seem a little outdated in the 21st Century, looking at the designs by Robert Best (recently featured on Project Runway a Principal Designer at Mattel where he has worked for Barbie Collectibles for ten years. Prior to Mattel, Robert worked in New York for such fashion luminaries as Isaac Mizrahi, Anne Klein and Donna Karan), the 2006 ‘Posh Life’ Barbies on location in London, and their stylishly English ensembles would be the envy of any fashionista.


6 thoughts on “Posh Life

  1. She is still one slick chick, and she never runs away from elegance. I never had a Barbie…But I admired her nevertheless.

  2. I have to admit, I have a love/hate relationship with Barbie. Love the childhood memories of dressing her up and combing her hair. Hate the exaggerated anatomy that gave me girlish unrealistic expectations of what I was supposed to be like as a grown up. Alas, I love the photoshoots of her your collage. That was always the best part of having Barbie, dress-up and make-believe. Fun!

  3. barbies again?!?!ooohhh how much i miss them, my cousin had several of those evilish creatures & hell they were great targets for my shooting ;)
    i want a barbieeeeee

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