Moleskine (i)

vanessa.jpgFor two centuries now Moleskine has been the legendary notebook of artists, writers, intellectuals and travelers – from gifted artists Henri Matisse (1869–1954) and Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890), to poet and leader of the surrealist movement André Breton (1896-1966), to Ernest Hemingway (1899-1961) considered the most influential writer of the last century and to famous travel writer Bruce Chatwin (1940-1989). These notebooks have proven they can withstand the trials of travel and abuses that ensues from normal use. This is the one true trusted travel journal.

This silent and discreet keeper of an extraordinary tradition, which has been missing for years, has been reproduced by the Italian company modo & modo since 1998. With its various different page styles it accompanies the creative professions and has become a symbol of contemporary nomadism.

An artist’s sketchbook can say a lot about the creative process of the artist. The images features the work of Vanessa (Chenhui Su is a current MFA candidate of 3D Design in Cranbrook Academy of Art (MI, USA)).


3 thoughts on “Moleskine (i)

  1. I finally delved into my new moleskines this week…it takes me so long to start a new sketchbook.
    I love this work that you have collaged so beautifully together!

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