Unused school books

paper-dolls-house.jpgI’m sure all of you as young children had been creative with objects and whatever you could get your hands on for amusements. When I was a kid my neighbour made houses for Paper-dolls and of course we made clothes for them too. We all seen paper dolls before but have you seen a house? I found one of mine from years ago and trust me there are many rooms including a gym, swimming pool, garden etc. I am considering making an updated version (any ideas?) maybe I can give one of them as a prize, they are very time-consuming though.

11 thoughts on “Unused school books

  1. OOO, I have seen bits and pieces for doll houses,, even wall paper and such…I think you might have found a new calling for yourself. I have seen things on the internet for doll houses, a large group of bloggers post about it too.

  2. Wow, such treasures!!
    It must be very time consuming, so many details, lovely!
    Maybe you can do an update of an house styled to your perfection. Like in your world where anything is possible. A dream interior.

  3. how great you’ve kept those drawings! including gym, swimming pool and garden? even better! i love maditi’s idea about photo studio and home cinema. hmm for me i would also love to have my own library with cosy couch and lots of cushions :)

  4. wow, fantastic drawings! I’m guessing you are an illustrator by day?? :)

    To add to your list, how about a lovely home office, filled with pretty posts on the wall, cute little things on the desk, and a mini library? :)

  5. These drawings are fantastic! I remember doing a similar thing. I used to draw out my ideal farm property. For some reason I used to want to live on a farm, I think because then I could have millions of pets.
    Cheers, lj

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