Canalside houses

canal-side-houses.jpgThe dutch love their windows. Going pass on the boat I got a sense of being a voyeur looking into the large windows of luxury canalside houses with magazine-style interiors, after all I was told that ‘Big Brother’ originated from the Netherlands. How lovely that modern houses must include open spaces for people to sit outside i.e. patio/terrace, I love the greenery of Amsterdam with its environmental friendly policy for the conservation of water, land, infrastructure and forests plus the use of 600,000 bikes parked around the city where driving is discouraged.


5 thoughts on “Canalside houses

  1. I think I saw those exact homes when we were there a couple weeks ago. I have to agree with you about the dutch view on environment. It is so refreshing to see that there are still some places in the world where cities are planned for people rather than cars. Gosh, I really want to move there! Awesome photo collage!

  2. I was walking past the canals on monday morning, real early, not a lot of people on the streets yet. It was beautiful. And i realized i am blessed to be here. I love the way the water is such a big part of the city, the way the canals are the circles of the inner city.
    And those canalside houses, wow!! With their lovely high ceilings. They all have such a specific feel to them too.
    Those bikes? Well they love them over here. I’m one of the few without a bike. Don’t we even have more bikes than people? Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

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