Streets of AMS

amsterdam-streets.jpgThe long rows of narrow houses are the main feature of the buildings in Amsterdam. This form was because the city’s building taxes were based on house frontage, so the narrow the facade, the less tax. The typical ‘step gable’ houses features many big windows with shutters all over the facade, allowing as much sunlight as possible. Another interesting feature of the row canal houses is the pulley on top of 99% of the houses. This pulley is necessary in order to bring the large furniture inside the house. Because of the narrow facade, the entrance door and more over, the space for maneuvering the furniture inside, the stairs and everything, do not permit the furniture to be introduced like in a normal house. Than, the furniture is lifted with the help of the pulley and introduced through the big windows (we were fortunate enough to pass by a house-move in progress).


6 thoughts on “Streets of AMS

  1. I was just talking about Amsterday with my classmates yesterday, and those who had been there were saying it is a lot like the states because almost everyone speaks english…. However I don’t understand why just that would be like the states [?] but your pictures are great, and the pully bit is interesting…:)

  2. Nobody knows about a pully??? Hahaha. I don’t know no better… Just never knew it was called a ‘pully’ in english.
    Let me tell you, it is sooooooo scary to move furniture in like that. But our houses have very steep and mostly narrow stairways, so you have no other choice than to lift that gorgeous couch up in the air and in through the windows… And don’t let it hit the windows of the neighbours downstairs! They won’t be happy…

  3. and another thing i know, the dutch usually put a birthday calendar in the toilet! interesting, yet very useful as well so you that you won’t miss someone’s birthday :)

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