Postal goodness

happy-postbox.jpgThis has been a HAPPY postbox week, my generous blogging friends with various personal swaps and gifts all arrived at the same time! (In order) 1:Marieke (Amsterdam) from Treats & Treasures sent me her Gocco Screenprint on Photo. It combines line drawings on a photo (Vondelpark in Amsterdam) and included lots of gorgeous papers~a lovely gift to come home to reminding me of my time in Amsterdam. 2: Corey (France) from Tongue in Cheek sent me her hand-picked vintage items including a Silver antique medal from Notre Dame, Curtain ring, a handmade lace heart, a collage sheet made up mostly of the notorious vintage paper doll from her blog! 3: Personal swap from Imelda Goze (Singapore) who sent me a wonderful magazine, lovely postcards including one from the Wun Ying collection, cute decorative tape, some ribbons etc. Thank you all SOoo much you guys are fantastic!!!


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