blog-kindness.jpgMy special thanksgiving goes out to generous blog friends who are so thoughtful and kind. Earlier this week, I received some magazines (Frankie and Vogue Living) from the lovely Meshell in Australia who is amazing in her craftiness (I’m sure she is a one (wo)man Christmas gift factory with the presents and swaps she sents out to everyone) & my first Christmas card!
Today I received a lovely packet (in celebration of my blog birthday 22nd Nov) from the lovely Ismoyo (Amsterdam) who has the cutest blog I’ve ever seen. She is so generous, sweet and thoughtful! I got a super-cute magnetic picture frame, beautiful handmade card, gorgeous print notebook, stickers, a cool lenticular card, some coffee, bubble gums, magazines and a chocolate letter ‘B’ for Babelfish! -chocolate initials, the first letter of each person’s name given to good little girls like me (this is a Dutch tradition ‘Sinterklaas‘-Saint Nicholas).


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