The Creature Show

the-creature-show.jpgThe Creature Show, looks at modern day soft toys and textile works with quirky but endearing personalities. The show includes work by eight makers whose hand-made designs are changing the face of soft toys and contemporary crafts. The show promotes new talent alongside works by some of the UK’s finest established textile makers and designers. International award winning Tait & Style, Multi UK award-winning Donna Wilson shows her knitted Creatures, emerging regional talent Sam Leonard lightly stuffed and delicately adorned Skini-Bears, with their printed fabric tummies and smiley button eyes, are designed to travel in jiffy bags. Accrington based Lucy Griffiths makes rag-doll figures on horseback, the lop-sided munkis and bunnies of Claire Montgomerie; Judy Dwyer’s Dangerous Dolls and Dogs; Sparrowkids and Pure Chemistry’s Londinium Dolls are also included @the Craft & Design Centre.


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