Merry Christmas!

all-together.jpgQuick…get in the picture!
Another year is almost over, it’s time to pause and take stock, count blessings and reflect on all that’s happened over the year and of course to celebrate with friends and family. I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a fabulous New Year! Your visits/emails/snail-mails has brought so much joy over the year. 2007 promises to hold exciting things in store for Crust Station, there are plans to invite guest bloggers, interviews, special projects, competitions and lots of talent spotting and inspirations. Enjoy the holidays and see you all next year! Best wishes, Babelfish X


17 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Oh!It has turned a new leaf, everything is different! I like it! The print is larger and I can read it easily, the banner inviting, and your collages are on the opposite side and bigger too! Oh! I love surprises, I love your blog, and you too!!

  2. Love the new layout!!!! Great banner and lots of cheer over here!!!
    Really looking forward to 2007 – i have a good feeling about this year ;)
    Enjoy the end of 2006 – really pleased we met this year!! Your inspirations are wonderful and the way you put the graphics together is fantastic!!! Thnak you!
    Love Julie xxx

  3. hey change your background, is beautiful!

    merry xmas, i send you my best wishes fo r you and the people arund you, thank you fro great links, and all the stuff you post, and for looking at my blog!

  4. Good job on the restyle! Looking great!

    Have a wonderful wonderful christmas, wishing you all the best.
    Enjoy the final part of 06 and have a great 07!!

  5. the look is good, but change the header :) and why you didnt invite me to jump in your pic :(
    happy new year and im waiting for the new things :)

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