Looking forward

lenticular-cards.jpgThank you for all your holiday greetings and comments about my new blog design (I am still deciding on the header). Christmas had been relaxing and of good company, family members came with sackful of presents-I felt like a kid again. I’m still getting cute pink furry slippers and bath wash puppets (they are so much fun), Mum saw them and instantly wanted to try them on:) The lovely Gracia & Louise sent me one of her gorgeous prints which I am planning to frame.
I get at least one ‘fish’ related present every year and it’s becoming tradition. This year I was given a large fish tank with all the accessories! I’ll be posting pictures of my fishes when I buy some. Highlight of the holiday include a massive meal with lobsters, duck pancakes, fish (food just kept coming) at a Chinese restaurant with church friends.
I enjoy reading your entries of Christmas cheer, the excitement of looking forward to new and greater things in 2007. The resolutions and goals made and even proclaimations. Some of my goals include being more organised, proactive, make the most of everyday, exercise more, eat healthy regularly, be more crafty, read more and spread happiness by giving more and sharing. Best wishes always.


13 thoughts on “Looking forward

  1. A large tank with accessories and trimmings… oh, that is exciting!
    And, glad you like the print too… it was such a thrill to make this edition and to be able to send it to some of our dear blog chums… a fun way to ring in the new year and to end 2006.
    take care, g

  2. love the design of the new site! fishes are good, when they live. i hope you have better luck than i do with them…. wishing you all the best for 2007. happy new year.

  3. Hi!
    Just signed on to see the new look. I LOVE IT! it’s so sweet and simple. Did you create the header? it Looks amazing.
    Thank you for all the inpiration in 06 ! yay

  4. oh wow, your new blog layout is absolutely fantastic, i love it! ummm.. it might be a little bit late to say, but i wish you’ve had a wonderful christmas (seems like you did!) and a fabulous new year!

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