Amelia’s mag

amelias-mag.jpgDecided I had enough of my messy hair and got half of it chopped off, I resemble a Kokeshi doll, a good look for this year?

Stumbled on Amelia’s magazine in the shop today. I couldn’t resist the beautiful photography and illustrations inside, it’s even encased in a glow-in-th-dark illustrated cover with an A1 poster ‘Amazing Trees of the World’ illustrated by 15 contributing illustrators~ what more could you ask for? Okay, it’s a little expensive but it’s more a book than a magazine, so that’s my justification for buying it (more on that later).


12 thoughts on “Amelia’s mag

  1. Oh my GOSH! I just opened the front door and there is a beautifully wrapped birthday present for me! Thank you SO much *dance* =) I’m saving it to open tomorrow morning…it got here just in time to not torture me TOO much, hehe. Yaaaay! xox

  2. Happy New Year Babel! Yes, I have to agree, I absolutely love your new blog design. Very fresh :) And this mag looks really cool. I so wish we had it in Canada. A glow in the dark cover? Couldn’t get any better than that! I’m looking forward to all your posts, as always!

  3. i second the request for a photo! i must warn you that once you start getting shorter it can be hard to stop! that’s how i ended up with my super short cut. :)

  4. I’ve not seen this mag in the US, but I’m going to take a look tonight at my fav international magazine store. Thanks for your comment on my blog today! I love everything YOU discover! all best, T.

  5. Hiya
    glad to hear you all like my mag! You can buy it at my website if you click on the image of the free poster in it, below. And I am sorry it is a bit expensive, but that is because it costs me a FORTUNE to produce – I don’t make any money from it!
    Amelia x

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