The Goddess Guide

the-goddess-guide.jpgThe Goddess Guide illustrated and written by Irish fashion, lifestyle journalist Gisèle Scanlon is the most gorgeous book I have ever seen. I love everything about it from its flocked velvet cover, the size, weight, the collage style photographs and illlustrations that has me feeling like I have picked up a treasured diary. She travels continuously, searching for authentic culture, the next zeitgeist and the essence of the world’s great cities and countries. For the fashionistas among you or just one who loves eye-candy, I recommend it.


13 thoughts on “The Goddess Guide

  1. I saw this at Borders a couple of weeks back!! Loved it loved it!!! I was hoping Id get it for my birthday but I didnt hint enough haha but its on my ‘To Buy’ list for sure!
    the flocked cover was really unique…

  2. i went to kinokuniya with a friend when we saw this book, and my friend bought it for her sister’s christmas gift. hmmm maybe i should get one for myself as well now, so tempting!

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