Free spirited

free-people.jpgI love this season’s Free People collection ‘Landed Gentry’, full of romantic femininity. It’s philosophy inspired by casual, free spirited personalities, the vintage style created by Free People to embody the ultra bohemian lifestyle. Commonly using symbols of animals, flowers and other things, putting you in touch with your natural surroundings.

My current obsession is with everything Nostalgic, Nomadic life via Gracia, inspired by the Gypsy freedom via Ulla, Folk art via Risa.


5 thoughts on “Free spirited

  1. i love the intricate embellishment of these clothes, and the gypsy + folk art traditions that you mention… rich hand embroidery, fantastic colors, loose shapes that are comfortable and easy to wear. my mother just brought me back 3 rolls of trim from india that are inspiring me right now, gold + red + violet with lots of gold details… mind whirring with little projects to use them on.

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