House Blend

muriel-brandolini.jpgInterior designer Muriel Brandolini credits her Vietnamese upbringing with giving her “a real sense of daring”. The results of her design is a merge of intriguing textures, jewel-box tones and exquisite magpie touches. “I am the opposite of beige. I love colour. My house is positive and happy. It’s unpretentious, luxurious and magical, because your eyes can wander for hours. And there is always something playful.” (Vogue UK)

14 thoughts on “House Blend

  1. Hi! You won’t believe, I have that issue of Vogue. So wonderful!!! I bought it because of the photos of her fabulous home… You know, it took me days to notice the white ship lamp hanging from the ceiling….Oh, and I must say, the only thing I can not handle due to my lack of equilibrium is that huge grey painting that looks like it is moving…with the yellow flower types…Oh my, dizziness. Besides that , I could move in with her now if she’d let me….Her colors.. her treasures… aye aye aye…

  2. i just couldn’t
    combine those
    colors and styles
    without it
    looking like a mess.
    it’s so nicely done.
    wish i could
    get away
    from being

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