Me weird? No way!

I’ve been tagged by Di of Designers’ Block and Imelda. At first I thought I was pretty normal and have nothing to write, but whilst thinking about it there are still lots of weird skeletons in the closet, here goes:

  1. I am scared of all fluffy animals close-up especially cats and dogs, although I think they are cute from a distance I don’t like touching them.
  2. When I am concentrating on something, and you start talking to me or walk in without first letting me know, I would scream-very loud!
  3. I don’t like sitting on soft cushions/pillows, it feels weird.
  4. I have a father who is a chef and a mother who used to be a seamstress, I picked up non of the good genes (not proud of this one).
  5. My brain is still adjusting to the new year, I am still writing 2006 and more recently 1997 :  )
  6. I am a picture book person, it takes me a long time to finish a novel.

22 thoughts on “Me weird? No way!

  1. how odd that you recently wrote 1997…perhaps you were channeling the email i sent you this morning where i mention my new year’s for 1997 in london.

  2. We share some of the same quatlites…i am afraid of fluffy things too! Terribly so! I startle easily and given the choice i prefer a hard chair to a cushiony armchair! We are not weird…just unique!
    Though I imagined you would like animals…that was a surprising factor! You have very creative genes my dear!! Now I know why!

  3. i find i throw in a 1998 fairly often. it is always a surprise, because i don’t remember it being all that great a year. that is funny about the fluffy animals, because i can never keep away.

  4. I didn’t list fluffy animals in case the animal rights people read it. I don’t trust anything that doesn’t speak to me. I knew you would be weird which is why I tagged you.

  5. I have a major startle reflex also. Amazing how much wierdness I share. And thank you so much for the kind birthday wishes and for linking me on your wonderfully creative blog. k

  6. Im uncomfortable around animals too – dogs more than cats…I can handle fish and birds though…although birds freak me out too!
    my mum was a seamstress too – such a perfectionist..she puts me to shame!

  7. I think I share a couple of your “weird” traits! Particularly the fluffy cats and the adjusting to the new year. I know I’m getting older when I can’t keep track of my age or the year…sigh. Great list though, love to learn more about you!

  8. Im with you on number 2! Ok i dont actually scream!! but I tend to..jump when someone Im not aware of, starts talking to me..or if something bumps into me when i least expect it!
    Also I think you should really try to combat weird skeleton number 1.fear of fluffy things. Because running a hand over the silky soft fur of a contented,sleepy cat is one of the warmest and nicest feeling in the world!

  9. thanks for your comment on my 6 weird entry :)I’m the total opposite on # 1 and 3. I like the feeling of sitting on soft cushions and pillows :) hahahaha i know how you feel on #5. I did that sometimes also, writing 2006 instead 2007. interesting lists :) have a great day!

  10. Oh oh, I can totally sympathise with number two! I’m often jumping and screaming when my boyfriend comes into my office and I’m concentrating hard. Poor thing!

    Thanks for sharing :)

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