Miniature love

miniatures.jpgInspired by Risa‘s love of all things miniature, I decided to dig out my old Barbie kitchen items (top left) and share with you the magical company that is Re-ment (Japan|US). Their products portray everyday foods and other items in miniature form, each piece is hand-painted, so every feature is shown to perfection. You’ll marvel at the incredible craftsmanship, which captures items with detail rarely seen—right down to individual slices of green pepper for your pizza and ice cubes that come out of the tray.


16 thoughts on “Miniature love

  1. wow! those photos are amazing! i love rement but have only allowed myself to buy one set so far…but after seeing this all i am going to have trouble resisting.

  2. oh god, I have a minature problem
    your Barbie kitchen items are amazing, LOVE the udon..heh
    and um, the re-ment stuff is insane, the set with the rice cooker and stereo is my favorite, HELLO the fan spins and the toast pops out of the toaster!!! I’m dying.

  3. i like little things, they take up little space, just think of the day you can press a button on the dash and your car gets so tiny you can put it in your pocket. alas, i still have to look for paking lots!

  4. ahhh so cute!!! :) i like mini things but never know they can be that adorable! thanks for sharing. I’m definitely going to check your website from now on :p (if you dont mind, i’m going to put a link to your site on my blog :) )

  5. this is great – i have a secret passion for miniatures – i used to buy/make them for my 1/12th scale georgian bath town house that i have frozen in time in the year 2004. if i ever get round to opening a flikr account id to post them up some day.
    thanks crustation !

  6. Oh my goodness!!! My sister, Vanessa, The Fanciful Twist, had the Barbie dreamhouse and I had a Strawberry Shortcake house. I always envied her dreamhouse and wanted it for myself. I love yours. I would have envied and lusted after yours, wait, I do envy and lust after your collection of miniatures!

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