calypso.jpgThe lovely Maryam of My Marrakesh with her exquisite tastes, sent me a link to one of her favourite shop Calypso, owned by French native Christiane Celle whose signature collection consists of upscale hippie-chic silk beaded skirts, flowing kurtas, and candy-colored silk camisoles, while the soft leather accessories, shoes, sarongs, and patterned bikinis evoke sultry island vacations.

Don’t forget to vote for her amazing blog (fabulous read and visually stunning) nominated for the 2007 Weblog award in the category ‘Best African or Middle Eastern Weblog’ , Voting will close at 10:00 PM EST on Friday, February 2


12 thoughts on “Calypso

  1. I adore Maryam. She is so so nice and so gorgeous! Plus, living in Morocco. How exquisite. Her blog is phenomenal. You are so wonderful for promoting her votes!! What a great gal you are!

  2. a few months before i moved to ecuador my whole family visited morocco, including marrakesh. i couldn´t go because i couldn´t take off of work during my last couple of months there. reading maryam´s blog makes me want to go NOW!

  3. I went to their website, and I must say that her clothes are lovely. The see-through tunic on her front page is too lovely to be worn on a beach, me thinks! :)

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