Sandra Backlund

Sandra Backlund‘s designs are unique and progressive, formed from ideas rather than sketches. As a fashion student at Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm, Sandra tried to stay open minded and often work with a lot of small parts which is attached in different ways to discover a shape for a garment. “I think it […]

Mail love

Last week, I received more wonderful goodies in the post, the generosity of blog friends never ceases to amaze. * I have the talented Lisa Solomon to thank for the Anthropologie catalogs (smaller than I’d imagined but beautifully inspiring, mentioned here), and the extra goodies including a postcard from her brilliant ‘I want Sugar’ installation […]


The sisters-Kate and Laura Mulleavy, CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund finalists, came from Pasadena, California, to New York in the spring of 2005 with nothing more than a few dresses and coats stuffed in their suitcase. Almost unbelievably, a week after arriving, they had shown their collection, tagged after their mother’s maiden name ‘Rodarte‘, to almost […]


A pair of quirky characters (Baby Bear & Pezya) embark on their adventures in a series of stories found in limited edition storybooks, hand-bound with printed lino-cut covers by BB&PPinc. The minds behind these wonderful and cute creations are Robbie Guertin and Dasha Shishkin of Brooklyn, New York.

Ollie & Nic

Ollie & Nic have delved into the past and found their inner child to create a collection based on childhood memories. Inspired by trips to the seaside, fairground rides and picnics in flower filled fields. Sparking linens and floral print satins adorned with brooches and bows mixed up with brightly coloured, squashy leathers make up […]

Sense of Abandon

There is beauty in decay if we only look closely: * Abandoned (via Flickr) * Aunty Vanya (via Ullabenulla) * Beauty of Decay (via Flickr) * Decay (via Handmaid) * Demolition art (via Flickr) * Urban Curators (via The Glass Doorknob) * Wabi Sabi (via Love Forever)