20 thoughts on “Decor inspiration

  1. My favorite of all times, where I could live very happily is Paradiso Perduto, the home of Miss Dinsmoor in Great Expectations!!!I love it, “Chickaboom”

  2. I am ALWAYS looking at the sets on movies and tv shows…oh there was a film a couple of years ago – British… with a family living in a castle…cant remember the name..just beatiful!!!!

  3. amelie and in the mood for love definitely! we have lucky number slevin at home…it’s next so i’m excited to see it now. i also loved the apartment in the vertical ray of the sun. those morning scenes were beautiful.

  4. What a great question. One of my favorite recent “house”
    backdrops is the beach house in As Good As It Gets with Diane Keaton ! The design aesthetic in that house really spoke to me. And in the earlier movie Someone To Watch Over Me. The highend apt. in that movie was just glorious.
    I know there are so many others. Will be thinking about this all day.

  5. amelie for sure…. but i also just love the feel of the visuals of some movies… like lost in translation…. i really like thinking about this, though

  6. lost in translation was also a visual inspiration for me… the overall mood of the film. hmmm. i did not care much for marie antoinette but the sets and costumes (and towers of sweets!)… oh my.

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