Raquel Aparicio

raquel-aparicio.jpgRaquel was born in Avila, with her twin sister Shae. After spending a few years in Edinburgh, she came back to Spain to study illustrations. She works in a variety of mediums exploring different styles, producing illustrations, animations, and comics. Some of her illustrations conjure a sense of melancholy and poetry.

In 2006 she started illustrating professionally working for magazines such as Elle, Ragazza, Yo Donna, Chow and Quo.


6 thoughts on “Raquel Aparicio

  1. I love the ones with the umbrella and the key in particular.

    PS Thanks for saying I should write a book. I am writing one now but it is political analysis. Not fun stuff – I would love to write one of those but I guess I would need an agent or publisher to believe in me first!

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