A Year in Japan

ayear-injapan.jpgI have a fascination with all things Japan. After reading about Bishvat (new year of the trees) on Julie’s blog, I was reminded of my favourite part from this book, ‘There are maple-viewing expeditions, evening parties under the cherry blossoms, and, although this seems to have been more common in earlier times, moon-viewing parties. Many old aristocratic residences have special platforms or rooms where nobles would gather to write moon-related verses as they gazed at the sky or into the moon’s reflection in a nearby pond.‘ So poetic…I am already dreaming of travels.

13 thoughts on “A Year in Japan

  1. Japan is on my must-go list as well. Went thru a phase where I was fascinated with everything Japanese, including japanese food, fashion and learning the language.They have an amazing culture.:)

  2. I have a fan???? What???? Well, I adore my visits here as well. And, I would certainly like to work towards a moon room myself. Speaking of Mooning, so to speak. hee. This is totally veering..But, last night i was watching running with scissors. I know I am slow, but I couldn’t watch, I read the book, I had that book movie block, but anyway…The mother put all her dishes in the backyard after her break-up so as to let all her belongings get cleansed by the glow of the moon! Isn’t that lovely? Japan. I need Sushi. They are so ahead. Love them!!!

  3. i love this so much… social expeditions to enjoy nature and setting up your home for maximum interaction with yourself and the natural environment (rather than the fortress mentality so common here!). maple trees… lovely.

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