Catalog *swoon

anthropologie-catalogue.jpgDear Anthropologie Catalog,

“I ♥ you!”
(I just wish I could get my hands on a copy…)


14 thoughts on “Catalog *swoon

  1. When I was a buyer I use to rub elbows with their main buyer in France. Our hand often going for the same thing.
    Anthropologie is amazing, they have such creative, talented, people working for them.

  2. I live in Canada but go very out of my way whenever in the US – that store is just amazing and even the catalogue doesn’t do it justice, can you imagine? The catalogues are good as gold, though.

  3. oh my god, why oh why dont they have anthropologie in the UK? its kind of like we have topshop and you have anthropologie. its about time they sorted it out!

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