Betz White

betz-white.jpgDo you ever get the feeling when you see something and, you know immediately that it’s going to take off in a big way? When I first saw Betz White‘s cupcake cushions, I just fell in love as many of us did. Congrats to Betz who appeared on the Martha Stewart show to give a tutorial on her adorable Cup O’ Joe Pincushions! (*Yay*) I want to celebrate with her and to say that we found her in blogland first. Many wonderful things are happening in her part of the world, with a book launch late 2007. Crust Station readers may even get an interview with the amazingly talented Betz, watch this space!

10 thoughts on “Betz White

  1. I love them. Truly. Shucks!! I wanted to go on Martha Making those. Darn. I missed three posts???? What??? I wassss gobe too long. Just as I thought. You can’t get an Anthro catalog??? I would send you one!!! Ps. in Ireland they are Queen Cakes

  2. Hey, that is fantastic news! I’ve been watching her for quite some time, in fact I found your blog through Betz’s blog awhile back. I suppose I can thank her for introduing us :) I do love her work and I’m excited to get her book too!

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