Brave new photography

jpg-magazine.jpgJPG magazine is participating in a show at Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland (February 8th to April 29th, 2007). “We Are All Photographers Now!“, a show about “the rapid mutation of amateur photography in the digital age.”

20 photos are selected from among the most favorited images on the site which will be printed, framed, and hung in the show. You can participate in the show by uploading a photo to the show’s website right now. The uploaded pics will be shown on a projector in the gallery. And once a week, 100 photos will be chosen at random, printed, hung for a week, and added to the museum’s permanent collection.

7 thoughts on “Brave new photography

  1. I was really drawn in by different images here…Especially the girl underwater…..For a minute I thought about having an image chosen and hung and being part of the collection… dreaming for sure….

  2. i love this idea. digital has democratized photography so much, it seems… i am always amazed by the gorgeous work on flickr of non-professional photographers. so nice to see some of that recognized!

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