Happy ♥ Valentines

carved-tree.jpgIf you were the road, I’d go all the way
If you were the night, I’d sleep in the day
If you were the day, I’d cry in the night
‘Cause you are the way, The truth and the light
If you were a tree, I could put my arms around you
And you could not complain, If you were a tree
I could carve my name into your side, And you would not cry,
‘Cos trees don’t cry

(The Divine Comedy, IF)

19 thoughts on “Happy ♥ Valentines

  1. I want that tree… One day my lovee put up a swing for me.. I painted it lovely colors.. then when I had come home he had carved a heart and a bb + vv on each side of the heart.. there is something wonderful about carved words in wood….

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