Sense of Abandon

sense-of-abandon1.jpgThere is beauty in decay if we only look closely:
* Abandoned (via Flickr)
* Aunty Vanya (via Ullabenulla)
* Beauty of Decay (via Flickr)
* Decay (via Handmaid)
* Demolition art (via Flickr)
* Urban Curators (via The Glass Doorknob)
* Wabi Sabi (via Love Forever)


21 thoughts on “Sense of Abandon

  1. You are so right. So many stories to tell. I was a child in London in the 1950s and on the end of almost every street there was a bombed out house. It was so sad but it was said that sometimes the families who survivied would return and just stand and stare at their one time home and it gave them comfort. I have always loved to see something being left behind.

  2. huge fan of urban decay…. have you seen noah! on flickr? i’ll try and find his link again – he did a whole series of photos from the SF dump – they were amazing!!

  3. Absoloutely right up my alley! I have been known to put things in the yard in the rain in the dirt for 2 years before i can enjoy them…There is this amazing mexican pot shop in Tucson where the woman knows to save the items that have traveled far and are broken and stained and tarnished…Sometimes I buy a whole pile for
    $10.00 US

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