Mail love

lisas.jpgLast week, I received more wonderful goodies in the post, the generosity of blog friends never ceases to amaze.
* I have the talented Lisa Solomon to thank for the Anthropologie catalogs (smaller than I’d imagined but beautifully inspiring, mentioned here), and the extra goodies including a postcard from her brilliant ‘I want Sugar’ installation and one from her current show at the Richard Levy Gallery. She’s such a gem to send me an iron-on bird print which is so adorably sweet! I can’t thank you enough *big smile*
* The awesome bag is custom crocheted from a swap I did with Chloe, she’s just so wonderful.
– You guys are amazing!! –

11 thoughts on “Mail love

  1. so glad you were happy!! am perfectly willing to keep them coming – they aren’t always that small – although sometimes they are smaller and square and quite charming…..

  2. Lucky Lucky Lucky girl!!!! I always treat myself to one pair of Anthro shoes a year. I have them gift wrapped, write myself a romantic note and shipped to a desired place, sometimes work, sometimes the country. Then I wear them until they fall apart and a 2nd pair is needed…Isn’t that better than Male Love. Yes, Mail Love is better….Especially from kind people, but especially in the form of shoes.

  3. can i just second everything that vanessa said? although, i am not sure if mail love is better than male love but they are definitely in close competition.

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