Henrik Simonsen

Henrik Simonsen (currently living in the UK), is an artist who uses charcoal and oil paint as a preferred medium. ‘My Scandinavian background has a significant influence on the work I create, and is evident in the economy of colour, line and use of space and light. The Scandinavian influence is also felt in the […]

Saelee Oh

I know it’s a little late for calendars, but I just discovered the collaborated work between Jill Bliss and Saelee Oh, ‘The Farm Life’ calendar produced in sunny California, the state that produces most of the u.s. food supply. Expert farm animals from all corners agree that this is the best calendar harvest ever! Enjoy […]

Toshiyuki Fukuda

Originally from Osaka, designer/illustrator Toshiyuki Fukuda relocated to Kichijoji, Tokyo. He received his B.A. in design from Osaka University of Arts. His illustrations of nostalgic yet strange animals and characters have appeared on a wide range of products ranging from CD covers to greeting cards to children’s books. How adorable are these? Don’t forget to […]

Brave new photography

JPG magazine is participating in a show at Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland (February 8th to April 29th, 2007). “We Are All Photographers Now!“, a show about “the rapid mutation of amateur photography in the digital age.” 20 photos are selected from among the most favorited images on the site which will be printed, […]

Betz White

Do you ever get the feeling when you see something and, you know immediately that it’s going to take off in a big way? When I first saw Betz White‘s cupcake cushions, I just fell in love as many of us did. Congrats to Betz who appeared on the Martha Stewart show to give a […]

Exciting times

(a) Last September, the lovely Anabel from Fieltromania asked me if I’d contribute to her Craft Magazine (p65-67), I was honoured to be asked and so excited that the magazine is live today. All her hard work (editor & translation) with the help of Mónica (design & illustrator) has paid off as everything is stunning! […]

A Year in Japan

I have a fascination with all things Japan. After reading about Bishvat (new year of the trees) on Julie’s blog, I was reminded of my favourite part from this book, ‘There are maple-viewing expeditions, evening parties under the cherry blossoms, and, although this seems to have been more common in earlier times, moon-viewing parties. Many […]