Nature Friday

nature-inspired.jpgI love nature-inspired artwork, here’s a few to share today, happy Friday!

Abigail Doan | portfolio
Jewellery by Abigail Percy
Artwork by Julie Avisar, Handmaid
Heidi Cregge installation & artwork
Jewellery by Laura Baxter
Freeform crochet & felt work by Marianne, Estonia
Nina Katchadourian (mended spiderweb, via muerto de risa)

13 thoughts on “Nature Friday

  1. Some wonderful, oh so natural, links in there today!
    see you, g xo
    (P.S. And thanks for some wonderful snail mail too… an email of enormous thanks should be whizzing its way to you presently.)

  2. wow! such amazing links today-and i love your theme! nina katchadourian blew me away..and abigail doan…words cannot express. thank you! and happy friday!

  3. oh there are some excellent links here B (*blush*..not talking about mine) i love the abigail doan one and was amazed at ninas work when i saw it over at risas this week!!
    Beautiful collage of works…have a great weekend :) xx

  4. rose tones and burnt yellow tones abound!! Love nature too. Although, I will be in this natural tone and then all of a sudden, Neon green, Neon Pink and black emerge… Oh well, I can admire the work of others though!!!

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