Inspiring Projects

2007-projects1.jpgI’ve been meaning to post about the various projects around blogland for some time, I love Projects, and I’m amazed by people’s creativity, imagination and ideas that are a constant source of food for the soul.

♥ The amazing idea behind 3191: stephanie and mava year of mornings
Documentary Project: shari and lisaS ~
each week a word is chosen and interpreted in any visual means
Photographs & Prints project ~ port2port press: 1 Idea, 5 Photographs, 1 Letterpress Print
Paper Quilt Project: run by dawbis – paper packets sent to participants to create a collage with an aim to auction to charity end of the year
♥ Visual Collaborative diptych (word based): a week long collaboration by eshu and jen
Simply Breakfast: the art of breakfast by jen of Simply Photo
Behind the Picture: shash -take a photo and note everything else going on at that time
Friday Flickr Fix:creature comforts -one image made up of the juxtaposition of two or more flickr friends images

** If you have missed some of these projects, search the archives, I assure you that it’ll be worth-it.
Crust Station project is coming beginning of next week, I know some of you have been waiting since Dec last year, sorry!


16 thoughts on “Inspiring Projects

  1. awww…. so honored to be part of your list….

    there are some amazing things happening out there…. i love seeing your visual collage of them all

    and YOUR project?? can’t wait!!!

  2. such an inspiring list. thanks for including our project too. collaborations are just the best. i’m eager to see your project next! xo

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