toast-main.jpgWonderful styling and fashion from Toast Spring collection. Beautiful fashion photography capturing the mood of a 40/50’s movie set (I ordered a catalogue and it’s gorgeous– source:nesty)


9 thoughts on “Toast

  1. I have found you!
    I left a comment after yours on my blog saying I couldn’t link over to you, then I though ‘duh, do a search’.

    I’m sure I was here last year. Beautiful site, so much gorgeousness, and I’m definitely going to have to do a post about Barbara, that watery photography is more me than you can know.. it’s like looking into my dreams!

  2. Hmmmmmmmm. What do I feel? I feel like wearing my boots with my hat and lovely western gown…And having a visit to a saloon. But, seeing as how my double tequila shot days ended in 1994…I will have a shirley temple…. Would ya like ta join me missy?? A-waa-haa…

  3. I love Toast. I have had some stuff from them and it’ superb quality. Isn’t it nice that they are using their fabulous photography on their website at last?

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