Project unveiling

2007-project2.jpgThe idea for this project began last year after I posted about the paper dolls house I made while still at school. Since we are all interior design magazine lovers, I hope this collaborated project can bring blog friends closer by creating a platform for people to be able to ‘visit’ each other literally at their {homes} rooms! How exciting is that?

When I saw this on Lisa Solomon’s home sneak peek at Design Sponge, “I dream of someone asking me to help them put a space together from scratch“., it just made me smile.

This project is opened to all Crust Station readers, but I have to limit the number of participants to 12 (after all, I do not have the planning permission to build a mansion)! The idea is for everyone to contribute a room (in 2D on an A3 piece of paper) to the house (using collage, drawings/paintings etc), keeping one copy for their own and send out copies to the other participants where the final thing would end up in a book format. Rooms will be drawn from a hat to keep it fair
(all questions and details via MMVII Project category tab above).

There is no rush for the project and building work can begin at a leisurely pace, I am at hand for any questions in between. Work should be completed by 31st July 2007.
The project is now fully subscribed and ready to go, see MMVII Project for the list of participants!

22 thoughts on “Project unveiling

  1. Oh I would love to participate but with that wedding coming up – I don’t have much time left. Hopefully next year House 2. Lovely idea, as I said before x

  2. what a wonderful idea! so excited to see the wonderful rooms that people create. sadly my drawing skills are for naught but i will happily watch :)

  3. i love this idea! i would love to participate but don’t think my artistic skills are up to par…oh, but i do love interior design…maybe you can make extra copies for us to buy????

  4. Hi! I have missed you! Funny how 4 days seem so long in blogging world. What is this wonderfulness you’re up to! WHat fun! Okay, after the show I can jump in? March 31st. Everytime I think of the date my heart jumps to my throat, as it is close and I am not near being ready!

  5. You’re kidding me right? You don’t want to play with me? ;)
    The house is ‘rented’ out fully already?
    I remember talking to you about this last year, really looking forward to participating too!
    Guess there’s nothing else to do then wait and enjoy seeing the results… (which will be pretty, i’m sure!)

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