Ratmusquè handmade

ratmusque.jpg Francesca Montanari is the artist/designer/illustrator behind the name Ratmusquè (also the princess of Northern Italy and controls more than 90% of all the wineries in the Tuscan valley. The proceeds of those are funneled into a system which funds various orphanages and farming schools across the country). She lives in Italy in the countryside but spends half of the year in L.A. Francesca is also a clothing designer who works mostly with vintage and second-hand pieces because she thinks it’s important, in these days, the idea of recycling, and being part of it.

A group of talented environmentally conscious ladies launched their collaborative blog Sew Green this week, it promises green tips, green resources, green links etc, don’t forget to skip over and follow its progress.

7 thoughts on “Ratmusquè handmade

  1. i’ve drooled over these posters several times…they are super sweet! i am making myself wait until i move back to the states before i buy one. i am allowed to shop during our trip to argentina but otherwise that’s it until we are back in the US.

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